Festival 2020 & 2021

You may well have heard that the Edinburgh Festival Season has been cancelled for this year, along with many others across the UK.

Given that our major competitors are shutting shop we thought that it would be unfair to take advantage of their closures by continuing with our own. (Besides, without knowing where we will be at the end of July, I can imagine us having to smuggle you into our venues under cover of dark and asking you to park your cars randomly around the village so as not to draw attention to our meeting.)

However, the good news is that 2021 will see us celebrating our 30 th Anniversary as a festival, and we would not want to let that go by without making something special of that year’s events. So please keep us in your thoughts and planning for next year as we all hunker down at the moment and resort to at home entertainment.

Our whole committee sends you warmest thoughts and well wishes for this unfortunate season.

Frank Ribbons
Aboyne and Deeside Festival Committee

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